From 1959 to today, we have always coordinated action with our partners, in order to treat blocks, slabs and marble works deriving from our quarries and also others from every part of Italy; we have been working in close contact with Carrara quarries, a worldwide leader which competes with our Bianco Perlino, a material that stands out in the worldwide market for its simplicity and elegance (especially in modern spaces).



Our marbles can be manufactured in two different ways:

  • Polished surface: it allows us to have a modern finish, combined with the beauty of colours and the surface brightness, which is suitable for the indoor space.
  • Honed surface: we have a traditional finish, ideal for public areas since it is anti-slip.
  • Brushed surface: it is an elegant finish (much appreciated in Italy) with highlights the veins, a unique and original feature of our marbles, which well-matches the bush-hammered texture.
  • Bush-hammered surface: especially used in outdoor spaces, such as anti-slip floors or indoor/outdoor covering decorations.
  • Aged surface: a type of workmanship which gives a hint of marble ageing. It is a mixture between bush-hammered and brushed surfaces.
  • Rolled surface: it is a manufacture organised in parallel stripes; very elegant, anti-slip quality.
  • Antiqued surface: it gives a seasoned, almost worn out aspect.


Our marbles are used in different ways, according to their thickness: for indoor floors, 1,5/2 cm are suggested, considering shape and dimensions of the marble tile, in order to extract the product from the marble slab. For coverings, 1/1,5/2 cm are recommended but, in this case too, it all depends on the shape of the dimensions of the tile.

For outdoor floors and pedestrian walkways, a minimum thickness of 2/3 cm is suggested, with anti-slip finishes. Talking about outdoor coverings, we suggest opaque, long-lasting and and shadeless finishes: they ensure that the material remains unaltered without changing its colour. For driveway floorings, where people drive, we recommend increasing the minimum thickness by 4/5/6 cm, according to the dimension of the tiles.

All of the above are also suitable for street furniture or outdoor decorations of any kind. Our marbles are different from other materials such as Carrara marbles, for several reasons. Our Bianco Perlino, for instance, does not contain any clear variation in colour, and its veins show a unique design compared with the marbles from the rest of the world.

In addition, it is a product that remains unchanged over time, by maintaining its colours, its firmness and solidity. With equal merit, we can surely say that it has no rivals in terms of appeal, elegance and longlasting tradition.