Our company is lean and fast, mirroring the current market: this leads us to provide our customers with several services.

We offer different types of quotes and materials, by trying to give some advice to the customer on everything he requests and what is best for him, especially on a technical level. The same material can be treated and manufactured in more ways: this might change its price, by favouring the best purchase.

We offer a transport service of slabs and manufactures across Europe and, if needed, outside Europe. We avail ourselves of organised firms and transport enterprises which are leaders in the field, with exceptional, competitive prices on the market.

Upon request, we supply samples of Bianco Perlino, Rosa Perlino, Rosso and Beige Alpi (10x10x2) with free polished or honed finishes; however, the client is in charge of the shipping costs (additional costs for different finishes or any other kind of requests on samples).