Bush-hammered surface

Did you know the meaning of?

Also called "hammered" marble finish, this seems to be the most ancient way of working natural stones.
It requires working the visible surface of the natural stone slabs in order to give a rustic and sculpted look, similar to material extracted naturally.
This type of finishing is generally chosen for its non-slip feature, mostly used for outdoor coatings and floors (stairs, thresholds, window sills, jambs).
The product is finished with a tool called bush hammer (or chisels for stone), consisting of small pyramidal tips that repeatedly hit the slab, which must have a specific thickness (generally not less than 3cm) in order to withstand the stress, ultimately giving a raw and natural look.
This procedure can’t be used for any types of stones.
In the past the marble bush hammering was considered a difficult and expensive procedure due to the long time necessary to accomplish the final result. That’s why the manual procedure has almost disappeared.
Nowadays, machines and other tools can help carry out these tasks with industrial processing at more reasonable costs and shorter times.