Cross Cut

Did you know the meaning of?

This type of work is also called “in falda”, usually with a fairly irregular porosity.
A homogeneous horizontal cut is made to capture a single layer of sedimentation, and unlike the opposite procedure, there will be "clouds" and no more veins on the surface.
The latter, however, will appear along the edges of the marble slab.
According to scientific data, the vein cut seems to be more resistant than the cross cut since it has been stated that the latter has higher compression values ​​than the former: it has, however, a lower bending capacity.
It’s important to understand that not all materials can be finished with the same procedures: everything depends on the material being taken into consideration and obviously on the taste of those who want to buy the product.
The cutting, even if done in the same block, can differ depending on the type of finish.
Generally this type of work is required and practical mostly during the finishing process.