Flamed Surface

Did you know the meaning of?

The flamed surface is one of the most common procedures for outdoor furniture, though mainly for granites.
This is a surface finish on the natural stone slabs which gives a natural look to the stone (similar to a brushed finish).
Most of the times this type of finishing is chosen for its non-slip characteristic and is preferred compared to the bush-hammered: thanks to its main feature, it’s generally used for façades of exterior staircases, swimming pools, curbs, shower trays, fountains and outdoor sidewalks.
The marble slab is thermally finished with an oxidized flame at high temperature (up to 3000 ° C) that makes the surface rough, irregular, as well as weather and erosion-resistant.
The flamed surface can be carried out on most types of granite thanks to its elevated percentage of iron, but on just a few marbles as this tends to not withstand high temperatures, and neither on porphyry and other natural stones as this procedure could cause lifting and detachment of the marble crystals.