Emerald Green

Emerald Green is a bright green quartzite/granite with small white and brown shades. Material that comes from Brazil. Mainly used for interior furnishings (kitchen worktops, wall covering, tables, vanity top etc.).

Tiles : 30x30x2 - 40x40x2 - 45x45x2 - 60x60x2 - 120x60x2

Slabs : 2 cm (3/4") - 3 cm (1 1/4")


Cut to size : green emerald quartzite floor, quartzite table, quartzite vanity top, quartzite countertop, quartzite backsplash, quartzite riser, quartzite sink, quartzite basin, top quartzite kitchen, quartzite skirting, quartzite thresholds, quartzite stairs etc..