Lemurian Blue Baobab

Lemurian Blue (or Baobab or Labradorite Blue) is a very precious granite that comes from Madagascar. It has a color that varies from blue, black, green and gray. With the particularity of having beautiful pearls that make it unique in its kind. Mainly used for luxury interior furnishings: floors, wall cladding, kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Granite Tiles :

  • 15x15x1 (6"x6"x3/8") - 30,5x30,5x1 (12"x12"x3/8") - 61x30,5x1 (24"x12"x3/8") - 40x40x1 (16"x16"x3/8") 45,7x45,7x1 (18"x18"x3/8") - 61x61x1 (24"x24"x3/8") - 80x40x1 (32"x16"x3/8") - 91x45,7x1 (36"x18"x3/8") - 121x61x1 (48"x24"x3/8")
  • 30x30x2 - 40x40x2 - 45x45x2 - 60x60x2 - 120x60x2

Slabs 2 or 3 cm

Cut to Size : lemurian blue granite table, marble riser, granite sink / basin, granite tub, granite countertop, granite rolling pin and cutting board, granite skirting board, granite thresholds, granite stairs, granite hexagons , granite octagons, granite mosaic (herringbone, square, octagonal, hexagonal, etc.) etc.