Botticino Fiorito

Botticino Fiorito (or Botticino Extra Light) is an Italian marble extracted from the Botticino-Nuvolento quarries in Brescia, extremely elegant and in light beige-ivory color with white-flowering spots and yellow-brown veins, mostly used for interior decoration (bathroom lining, flooring, Kitchen top, stairs ..). Very high quality.

Tiles : 30,5x30,5x1 (12"x12"x3/8") - 61x30,5x1 (24"x12"x3/8") - 45,7x45,7x1 (18"x18"x3/8") - 61x61x1 (24"x24"x3/8")

Slabs : 2 cm (3/4") - 3 cm (1 1/4")


Cut to size : marble floor, marble table, vanity top, marble countertop, marble backsplash, hexagon marble tiles, octagon marble tiles, marble mosaic (herringbone, square, octagonal, hexagonal, subway etc..), marble riser, marble sink, marble basin, top marble kitchen, rolling pin and marble cutting board, marble skirting, marble thresholds, marble stairs etc..