Panda White

Panda White is a marble that originates from China. It has a white color and black shades. Suitable mainly for interior furnishings (flooring, kitchen countertops, bathroom coverings, shower floor ..)

Tiles: 30x30x2 - 40x40x2 - 45x45x2 - 60x60x2 - 120x60x2
Slabs: 2 cm (3/4 ") - 3 cm (1 1/4")

Customized cuts: panda white marble flooring, marble wall cladding, marble hexagons, marble octagons, marble mosaic (herringbone, square, octagonal, hexagonal etc.), marble table, marble riser, marble slats, marble sink / sink, marble tub, marble kitchen top, marble rolling pin and chopping board, marble baseboard, marble sills, etc.