Marble Applications

Usually, floors and marble coverings are applied with specific glues which can be found everywhere on the market, in concrete blocks or walls finished with mortar or plasterboard, by creating a single, solid body, and offer a long-lasting elegance and quality over time. Marble is a high-quality material, able to offer an exceptional, gradual heat transfer, stored by the floor heating. Unlike wood flooring, which struggles with allowing the heat transfer, marble guarantees a more homogeneous, qualitative thermic transmission, also in terms of energy savings.

An important feature of marble is the ease in maintaining the cleanliness and the hygiene inside your house and, contrary to ceramic, the capability of maintaining the same elegance and modernity throughout years as well. As a matter of fact, marble may be applied with or without grout joints (that is, the space between the tiles), according to the customer’s choice: this makes the cleaning procedure much finer and easier.

Treatments on the top surface can be performed on any kind of marble (only at request), with resin or waterproof-based products, aimed at making the floors brighter and not allowing the absorption of potential stains or colour variations caused by dirt or time; this might be necessary only in certain, quite inconvenient spaces (public areas). Our specializations