Indoor flooring

A marble indoor flooring or covering creates a lively space inside your house, rich in long-lasting beauty, without aging.

The main marble workmanships are: the polishing procedure enhancing the beauty of the natural stone - the honing procedure, highlighting the anti-slip feature, or the slightly opaque colour of quite inhabited spaces - the brushing procedure, particularly relevant with regards to the Bianco Perlino, Rosa Perlino, and Beige Alpi products, showcasing the clear sign of the marble tile veins (a sought-after feature, quite popular in Italy) - some ageing operations (bush-hammered, antiqued, split-face), through which our marbles are most suitable for expressing their natural beauty, a gift few other natural stones possess. These kinds of procedures make the marble ideal for both public and private spaces, also thanks to its durability. (Indoor flooring picture)