Marble Bank

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A rock portion of undefined shape and size (generally between 50 and 100 meters) from which, according to the rupture, can be extracted blocks from the healthier parts.
Unlike in the past, where quarry work was mostly manual, nowadays there are several machines used in a marble quarry, including: diamond wire saw, chain saw, pneumatic hammer, automatic drilling machines, inflatable water bearings, and last but not least excavators and mechanical blades.
The uppercut which separates the bank from the rock mass is made by cutting vertically with the chain saw, and horizontally with the diamond wire cutting machine: the bank is then moved with the inflatable water pads. At this stage, the bank of marble is divided by opening the breaking parts and then, with an excavator or mechanical shovel, these parts are moved to the quarry pit where the blocks are piled up by the most experienced hands: finally, with mechanical shovels, they’re loaded in the trucks and transported to the marble sawmills.