Vein Cut

Did you know the meaning of?

This type of work is also called “controfalda”, and generally shows a multi-layered porosity.
A vertical cross-section cut is made on the stratification plane and unlike the vein cut the slab will show parallel and net veins.
Blocks cut in this way usually have a varying height from about 120 to 180cm, which is why in many Italian marble quarries production is much lower than the vein cut blocks, which instead give the possibility of cutting lower thicknesses, and therefore are more common.
The veins achieved with this cut also recall the same natural designs present in the wood.
It’s important to understand that not all materials can be finished with the same procedures: everything depends on the material being taken into consideration and obviously on the taste of those who want to buy the product.
The cutting, even if done in the same block, can differ depending on the type of finish.